Valentine's Day

First Course

Young Asparagus and Farro Verde Salad
gin pickled shallots, chicory, cauliflower bagna cauda puree
Shaved Brussels Sprout and Kale Salad
milo grain, palmer estate meyer lemon, verjus onion rounds, lolla rosa mini crown greens

Second Course

Opah Crudo
serrano, daikon, passion fruit-ponzu, macadamia nut, chive
DaVero Farms Lamb Tartare
crisp taro root, Thai basil, jalapeño garum, mint

Third Course

Pierogi with Pinot Braised Veal Shoulder
smoked-butter braised porcini, Bellwether Farms crème fraiche
Trenette with Charred Saffron Octopus
sunchoke cream, lomo, chili brined olives, Merry Edwards olive oil, toasted garlic

Fourth Course

Caramelized Black Sea Bass
Golden State Pickle Works cabbage, Okinawa potato crème, nasturtium
Caramelized Scallop and Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras
Hidden Pond Farms roasted beet purée, cinnamon cap mushroom, petit chard

Fifth Course

Pistachio Crusted Filet Mignon
shaved baby fennel, thyme roasted dates, parsnip purée, sauce perigueux, black truffle
Liberty Duck Breast
pickled pearl onions, smoked mandarin, spaghetti squash, orange blossom-chocolate reduction
Stuffed Maine Lobster for Two
eggplant barigoule, mizuna, sorrel, chestnut royal mushrooms, cashew romesco sauce
Please pre-order lobster upon making your reservation. Thank you!


Strawberry Mousse
strawberry gelée, vanilla bean bavarian cream, strawberry ice cream
Palmer Estate Lemon Meringue
pistachio sable, bruléed meringue, lemon gel